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Vast experience entering Southeast Asia and various European markets and how to navigate the various nuances, complexities, processes and cultures at every stage from founding to fully mature.


Deep understanding of advertising and marketing technology and how they are disrupting sectors to provide new and constantly changing opportunities. 


Huge network across Europe, Southeast Asia and the wider Asia Pacific Region across many industries including media, agency, e-commerce and technology.

Extensive experience building and managing digital businesses, running and optimising financial plans,
business operations and building teams across multiple markets.


Shaping and building the Product strategy to align with global priorities whilst also meeting local market expectations.

Experience in winning and growing customer bases
across multiple markets with both global, regional
and local clients.


Full scope market research and analysis including market and product readiness and creation of the GTM strategy.

Corporate structure and entity creation with local compliance and global integration.

Manage and execute on the strategic expansion  including customer acquisition, trialling & onboarding, integration and activation, marketing, local market corporate duties and hiring talent.

Hiring and building of teams with local dedicated talent for all business functions including sales, product, services, performance, operations and technology.

Financial planning and P&L management including forecasting, budgeting, tracking and reporting across the region in close partnership with local stakeholders within HQ and management.

Building of local teams and operations in preferred markets as service centres, knowledge and training hubs, innovators, facilitators, incubators and more.

Creation and standardisation of local documents, workflows and processes across the region with alignment of global go to market plans and strategy.


At both start-up and growth phases, I can deliver detailed local market research and strategy documents with actionable insights to navigate your path to success in The Netherlands, Europe, the South East Asia and wider Asia Pacific region. With clear plans in place, I can also provide localised fund-raising services within the investor community and manage investor relations. 


You will benefit from the implementation of localised and compliant business processes that also align with your global set up including corporate structure, entity set-up, hiring and onboarding, go to market collateral and business operations all delivered with a high degree standardisation with a templated, check-list approach so don't miss out on a single detail. 

Launching businesses across Europe and the Asia Pacific region has resulted in obtaining good contacts with media agencies and technology providers as well as with the Industry trade and PR community. These relationships will bring immediate benefit your company. I will drive your integration in the most beneficial areas of the network to deliver immediate returns and long term growth.

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End to end management of business operations to meet global and localized strategy and targets. 

Creation of localised sales, product and corporate positioning collateral and materials that align with local and global internal processes, infrastructure, reporting and communication.

Business planning with full go to market strategy including forecasting, budgeting, reporting and optimization to fine-tune the plan as the business and revenues scale.

Fund raising, auditing, due diligence reporting - Investor relations, investment memorandums and board presentations.

Creation of all necessary operational and/or performance goals to establish immediate traction and plan for medium and long term growth, with reporting, analysis and optimisation.

Own and execute on specific and strategic projects with resource allocation to deliver in full.

Represent the businesses in the local and regional community with customers, at events and as a public speaker whilst aligning a localised marketing and PR approach with the global go to market strategy.

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