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Do you want a quick and short overview of who I am and what I can assist your company with? Do you need something to share with colleagues or read off-line at a later stage?

Click on the images to download a snapshot of my services, capabilities and deliverables as a handy infographic or PDF. 

There's also a comprehensive Sales & Business Development Cheat Sheet. This valuable resource will be unveiled in two stages, offering a overview of key Sales & Business Development activities and phases. Unlock goals and objectives, use AI-driven prompts, and outcome-driven strategies!

Read what drove me to launch this business in Singapore in the year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am also a frequent author of business related opinion pieces on LinkedIn, so feel free to read those and comment!


EXPANSION. That magical word on every entrepreneurial business owner’s mind. 
But, what does it take? Am I ready for it? What can I expect?

Business planning and forecasting, including customer acquisition, trialling & onboarding, integration and activation, marketing & PR, local market corporate duties and hiring talent; the to-do list is never ending.

RELATIONSHIPS. There are multiple ways to deepen and broaden a relationship beyond the, obvious, commercials. A multi-layered and diverse partnership is extremely valuable.

HIRING. The starting team of your business is of a "life or death" importance to its future success. Though I am not a HR expert, I do follow certain observations and criteria that have helped me throughout my career to find (and nurture) talent.

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